Friday, March 29, 2013

You Have to Love Boomer Lit Fridays!

It’s Boomer Lit Friday and Good Friday (by the way) for all who give thanks to Jesus (including me), and I’m sharing the next excerpt from Never Say Perfect, a novel that will keep you flipping those pages to find out what on earth happened to Dan in the airport while returning from a fabulous second honeymoon with Laina!

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Excerpt from Page 1/2-Paragraph 4 partial-7   Never Say Perfect by Mary Anne Benedetto:

A stranger’s glance at Dan and Laina portrayed a striking picture of two beautiful, blonde, casually dressed, tanned and toned vacationers, both appearing far younger than their actual early fifties. With their rental car returned, luggage checked and an uneventful, brief walk through airport security, the Stricklands gathered their belongings from the conveyor belt, stacked the requisite gray, plastic tubs which held their valuables, pulled their shoes on and quickly moved out of the path of the other travelers lined up behind them. Each individual had to endure the same necessary process. Most everyone in their line seemed to be in a big hurry, but the details of airport security could not be rushed or circumvented.

After locating Gate B-14, Dan and Laina chose seats that were fairly close to the door of their departure jetway in the waiting area. Dan sipped a hazelnut coffee and began reading a business magazine while Laina immediately became pleasantly engrossed in reading a new novel, skillfully penned by her favorite author.

Fully engulfed in her present choice of literature, Laina barely heard Dan’s voice when he leaned over to her and quietly whispered, “I’ll be right back. I’m just going to the men’s room before we board.”

“Um..hum, we’re leaving really soon though--five p.m. flight,” muttered Laina, not taking her eyes from the page for fear of tearing her attention away from the intrigue of the passage. She hardly noticed as he placed his magazine on the seat beside her and walked away.

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God bless you all and Happy Easter!

Mary Anne



  1. It feels like something not-good is about to happen......

  2. Nice start. Left me wanting tro read more. Nice.

  3. Love the subtle build up of tension...very well written ;-)

  4. Uh-oh, does he make it back? Mission accomplished on wanting to turn the page! Nicely written!

  5. This is great. Love the detail, the routine of airport travel obviously building to a disappearance. Well done.

  6. Appreciate all of the comments! Thanks so much for hopping on over to my blog today. See you soon!

  7. Sounds like a routine start to a flight, but ... I have a feeling this perfect couple isn't completely perfect!