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A Cleaner Ocean

Sullie Saves The Seas

Goffinet McLaren is on a serious mission! Her enthusiasm for the topic that resides deeply in her heart is hard to ignore. This feisty author and Pawleys Island, SC resident strives to raise awareness about the negative impact of plastic pollution that is so prevalent in our society today.
Goffinet McLaren

I met Goffinet a couple of years ago when she walked into a publishing workshop that I was teaching at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Coastal Carolina University’s Litchfield, SC location. Navigating the Publishing Highway was a class that I had developed to help people understand exactly what their publishing options are today, provide the facts and allow them to decide on an informed course of action for their particular projects.

Goffinet told us about her wonderful idea for a book, and she had already begun roughing out a manuscript. She wanted to learn more about publishing options, and she wowed everyone in the class with her adorable Irish accent and the information that she passionately shared. She explained that until people are presented with the facts, many do not realize that, at alarming rates, plastic ingestion is harming and killing our ocean wildlife.

Her book is now a reality, and although Sullie Saves the Seas is targeted at educating children, the powerful message it conveys is a subtle warning to adults as well.

I asked Goffinet two important questions:

1-What is most difficult about publishing a book?

The most difficult thing about publishing Sullie was knowing that I had very important information to impart to children and their parents, but being unable to find a traditional publisher to pay attention. Having read some books that were best sellers, I felt that Sullie had a much more substantial message and could be become a real icon for cleaner oceans, if given a chance.

2-What is the most rewarding aspect?

The most rewarding aspect of publishing the book was knowing that now I could spread the word about the damage that plastic is creating in our oceans and to marine life. And Sullie could  tell children about his mission.

Written from Sullie the Seagull's point of view and featuring his bird friends of the Secret Society, this book tells the story of beach litter and presents the startling revelation of the proven existence of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an enormous collection of plastic waste that threatens the ocean environment and its inhabitants. While it tells a compelling tale, it also offers a complete list of suggestions for eliminating as much plastic waste from our world as possible.

You will want to obtain a copy of Sullie Saves the Seas for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews so they will understand these critical issues, but please take the time to read it for yourself—for the benefit of our planet!

Look for Sullie at Litchfield Books in Litchfield, SC or on Amazon at:
Also available on Kindle!

7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing:
I had the recent privilege of speaking to a wonderful group of ladies (and one gentleman) at a meeting of the Archibald Rutledge Club (a private book club) in Murrells Inlet. What a friendly, receptive group! A few shared some of their family history bits and pieces, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. I love having the opportunity to speak to small groups about the importance of preserving our life stories while it is possible to do so. We can't rewind.

In Never Say Perfect, Laina Strickland (normally very upbeat and positive) becomes involved in a tragedy that has shaken her life upside down and caused her to plunge deeply into a pit of depression for a period of time. Her friends come to her rescue and propel her from her state of despair. Do you have a friend who has lost a loved one and you really don't know what to say or do to help them? Please don't just ignore them because that's the easiest way to handle it. Certainly, it's difficult to know when it might be a good time to call or stop by. At least send them an occasional "Thinking of You" card, or an email or text. Just let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers. See if they would like to go to lunch or a movie when the time is right. They may just be feeling incredibly lonely, and your contact with them could be exactly the boost that they need today. Be an encourager, and the benefits come straight back to your heart.

See you soon with more author interviews and chats with fascinating people!!

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