Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Many people tell me that I should write a blog so they will be readily updated on the current status of a variety of subjects such as:
  • The progress toward completion of my new novel
  • The latest on workshops that I'm teaching
  • Inspirational tidbits
  • Mental meanderings about any subject that pops into my brain

Therefore, with the magic of the internet and the amazing power that it represents, this is my blog debut.

New novel-It is progressing slightly more slowly than I had hoped, but every day is filled with such a variety of time thieves, I don't seem to have the large blocks of uninterrupted time to finalize it. It is totally outlined so I won't lose sight of the direction in which I intend to travel with this story, but I know that when I go to Cape May, NJ to meet my dear friends for our annual Girls' Getaway week in July, I'll be relaxed as I sit in my anti-gravity beach chair and the words will leap rapidly from the section of my brain where they are currently stored directly onto the writing pad in my hand. I'll keep you all posted. The story in the new book will keep you perched right on the edge of your seat--lots of mystery, relationships, romance and a touch of inspiration.

Mental meanderings-Why does it become so difficult to avoid gaining weight as we age? I attempt to harness the extra pounds by eating reasonably nutritiously, exercising, and remaining as generally active as someone who is glued to a computer can possibly be. But it is a continuous battle. Fred and I recently purchased bicycles because we have a lovely area in which to pedal ourselves around the neighborhood after dinner instead of vegetating in front of the television. Fred, however, is not being particularly cooperative about this endeavor because 1-he bought the sports package for cable that enables him to watch his beloved Yankees 2-he insists that he needs a different bicycle seat because he thinks that the one which came with his bike was designed for male torture. If you take a look at his bicycle in about ten years, it will probably appear to be brand new. In view of his reluctance to ride bikes with me, I decided that it would be fun if we tried some other form of exercise together. I succumbed to the temptation of a recent infomercial for Hip Hop Abs, which is a fabulous workout. To date, Fred has not been tempted to participate in this activity with me, but I'm going to keep trying. I'll let you know if I am successful in obtaining his cooperation. Do you think there is any remote ray of hope?

Workshops-I'm still speaking to community groups and holding a June workshop series. Will teach again for Coastal's program in the fall. But I'm also enjoying some editing, as well as some private client family history projects. No wonder my golf game stinks. I'm really busy!

Inspiration-Community Bible Study has ended this month for our summer break. Studying Revelation was a completely amazing experience, and we are looking forward to Genesis in the fall. I've met some wonderful ladies through CBS, and hope to enjoy some lifelong friendships with them. I can only say that I'm blessed to be doing everything in which I am involved, and I don't ever want to hesitate to give God the glory for everything that is accomplished. He is my strength.

So until next time, keep smiling, keep looking at the sky, and try to do something special for someone today!