Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Beckoning

The premise of this book dramatically intrigued me. Its author, Michael Minot, reveals how his life irreversibly changed from complete rejection of God, Jesus, Christianity and religion to totally embracing faith in God’s truth.

This skeptical, atheist attorney, with his typically lawyer-like analytical mind and process, accepted a challenge from an old friend to read the Scriptures for himself and see how they might help him reevaluate his life in terms of purpose and meaning.

As someone who made a decision for Christ at the tender age of nine, I found it  difficult to fathom a life of not believing, not trusting God, not knowing the benefit and peace of having the heavenly Father to guide me through the tough times. That is not to say that I have led a perfect life. There were years of rebellion and less than stellar decisions, but God never stopped loving or protecting me. With a solid Christian background and knowledge, I did eventually appreciate God’s forgiveness and recommitted to Him, acknowledging that I needed His plans and not my own feeble attempts at being CEO of my life.

So, to consider what it must be like to be an individual not having been blessed with a Christian basis and experience, independently navigating life while believing in a mere existence by chance, utterly fascinated me. The author’s investigation and diligent study transformed him into a solid believer. Seeing God’s creation plans and how they personally affected him, Michael Minot found reality, joy and a new life.

In reading the details of his investigative journey, I was especially touched by his reference to the amazing design of our bodies. It made me aware of the countless aspects of creation that we take for granted. For instance, Minot pointed out the incredible phenomenon of sleep. Think about this! Our bodies were constructed to go to sleep, wake up, re-engage and be conscious of our surroundings and memories, resuming where we left off prior to our hours of slumber.

Researching sleep versus unconsciousness, I found that  offered an article on this topic. It stated “Sleep is defined as a state of unconsciousness from which a person can be aroused. In this state, the brain is relatively more responsive to internal stimuli than external stimuli. Sleep should be distinguished from coma. Coma is an unconscious state from which a person cannot be aroused. Sleep is essential for the normal, healthy functioning of the human body. It is a complicated physiological phenomenon that scientists do not fully understand.” I love it when I read a book that prods me into additional research on a particular topic. Contemplate this for just a moment. We regularly nap or sleep for entire nights, re-boot and continue functioning and proceeding forward. Amazing!

The author was also blown away by considering our biological complexity--that every cell, every organ in our bodies has a connecting position and role to perform. Did this just somehow evolve? Similarly, he points out that cosmology emphasizes the precision and intricacy of our entire solar system. Did that just sort of materialize on its own? Plants, animals, people, nature. What was the beginning? Scripture tells us.

Michael Minot
Michael Minot was candid in admitting that his discoveries and new beliefs were not without tradeoffs. His lifestyle and priorities changed. His old friends, particularly those who shared his atheist attitudes and choices, disappeared. What he gained, however, was far more valuable. He discovered the peace that passes all understanding and a confidence that this world is not our home when a heavenly residence awaits. He found the blessing of prayer and worship with a community of Christ-followers. He found purpose in knowing that God uses messengers to bring His light to people in this troubled world. Michael Minot, with his own powerful experience, is one of those messengers.

This true story is a road map to finding the abundant life that is available to anyone who chooses to listen, believe and trust. Why bother? Because it erases that huge question mark about why we are here and where we are ultimately going.

The Beckoning is a book for doubters, as well as believers. A walk though Michael Minot’s journey can mightily strengthen the faith of Christians. The doubters will be compelled to digest the information and make a now-educated choice.

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