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Featuring Alone in the Woods by Cheryl Rogers

Do you have fond camping memories from your teen years? I remember going to camp, but we were sleeping in real beds in cabins. I doubt that I would have been good at roughing it by camping out in the woods. Insects freak me out, I like the privacy of my hot morning shower, and I treasure the comfort of my king size bed.

My only outdoor camping experience was when my son was about eleven or twelve, and we camped near Lake George, New York with a group of friends and their children. It rained so hard that we seriously believed our tent might float away. It was our final camping adventure and always hotels for us from that day forward! 

But kids love to camp out in the woods and Christian author, Cheryl Rogers, has written her second book in the series of Bible Camp Mysteries, slated for release on September 15, 2013. Alone in the Woods is set in the Florida backwoods and teaches the power of prayer to heal.

"In the book, the group of campers discover a woman living far off the beaten trail to avoid electricity. When they learn she suffers from a severe immune disorder, they know God has put her in their path," says Rogers. "They pray for her, and she is healed."

The mystery series features a former New York gang leader Chet Harrigan, who leads a fellowship group for 10- to 16-year-old boys attending a Central Florida community church. The group, known as the Boy's Den, puts their faith to the test as they encounter unforeseen difficulties in the woods.

The first book, Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery, involves the mysterious disappearance of 13-year-old Zack in the middle of the night. The group battles no-see-ums, a bout of food poisoning, and an impending hurricane as they scour the woods for the missing Zack.

In Alone in the Woods, Chet tries to correct the mistakes they made during that first disastrous trip. He even hires a wilderness guide to join them at camp and build a hut, but he winds up with a novice whose unfortunate blunders only complicate matters. Their dedicated chef, one of the boy's uncles, foils their plan for an elaborate evening feast – when he goes missing.

But two boys who wander off the trail make it all worthwhile when they discover Sandy, a crusty woman who needs some friends pretty badly. Chet tells her about Jesus, the group prays for her, and she is healed.

"It is my goal through the Bible Camp Mysteries to share the biblical path to salvation – and other important truths from God's Word – in a fun and entertaining way," Rogers says.

In the end, Sandy and the group enjoy a sumptuous feast in the wilderness as a forest fire rages at the edge of the park.

About Cheryl Rogers
Cheryl Rogers

Swayed by her love of Nancy Drew Mysteries, Rogers decided as a child she wanted to be a writer. But it wasn't until she came to know the Lord, as an adult, that she knew what she was to write about.

"I was suffering from Environmental Illness, a severe immune disorder," Rogers recalls. "When I surrendered my life to Him, He healed me."

A former newspaper reporter, she has dedicated herself to sharing the good news of God's salvation through her writing.

With her Bible Camp Mysteries, Rogers has come full circle. "The Bible Camp Mysteries incorporate action and suspense similar to the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mysteries," Rogers says, "while infusing biblical principles and godly examples of faith."

Cheryl Rogers, who publishes New Christian Books Online Magazine at, writes fiction and nonfiction to share her faith. In addition to her Bible Camp Mystery series, she has written a short story collection featuring modern Jonahs. Just Like Jonah Wail Tales features wail tales or exaggerated tales of woe involving characters who land in a whale of trouble for their wrong choices. Like Jonah, they surrender their lives to God and receive his mercy. She also has written a parent/teacher guide, Just Like Jonah Wail Tales Workbook, which includes the short stories, plus Scripture citations and discussion questions.


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Alone in the Woods, aimed at preteens and teens, is available for pre-ordering from Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and, for $2.99. 

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