Friday, April 26, 2013

One More Boomer Lit Friday-From Italy with Love & Limoncello

For our final Boomerlit Friday post, the ladies are enjoying a leisurely afternoon of exploring and shopping in the magnificent city of Rome, Italy in this excerpt from:
From Italy with Love & Limoncello

Setting off to locate the nearest Metro station, we wanted to find our way back to some of the shops we had passed yesterday when we didn't have the time for exploration. We exited the Metro at Ottaviano and realized that many of the stores are not open on Sunday--even in the afternoon. Craving pizza, we stopped for lunch at an outdoor cafe, Il Ciociaro Ristorante, and then discovered that they didn't serve pizza until dinner time. Really????? I ordered a salad and thought it would be a good idea to offset it with some roasted potatoes. Laura and Marianne had ordered risotto and seafood, but the "seafood" turned out to be octopus, which they managed to transfer to the sides of their plates and avoid.

To our delight, we did eventually find a few open stores. In one clothing store, Sharon and I were looking at a particularly attractive top. The male store clerk was standing nearby, closely watching us. Sharon asked him, "What size is this?" 

He replied, "One size fits all." 

She frowned and said, "Oh. Do they seem a little small?" 

He said, "Yes. They for YOUNG girls!" 

Sharon responded, "Alrighty." She then promptly walked out of the store. When I caught up with her outside, we were talking about the store clerk's lack of tact during the exchange. We laughed when Sharon said, "He should have left it at 'they run a little small.'"

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See you soon!!

Mary Anne