Friday, June 17, 2011

New Travel Blog and Pedals, Prayers & Perseverance

New Travel Blog:
During a recent, somewhat unexpected visit to Italy in May, 2011 with three friends, Laura, Sharon and Marianne, I realized that this could possibly be the trip of a lifetime for me. In keeping with the theme I share with everyone who will listen to me regarding preserving our special memories, I jotted down pertinent notes during the day and wrote extensively in my journal at night. If I hadn't been so diligent about this, I would have already forgotten approximately 3/4 of the details of our trip. Yes, we have tons of photos, but the pictures don't portray our thoughts, feelings, and some of the particularly humorous situations. Only words can convey these intangibles.
This experience drove me to create a special blog for reporting travel adventures, so please visit to learn all about this unforgettable girl trip to Italy. A new segment will be posted each Monday until the entire story is told. Don't forget to sign up as a follower so you won't miss a post!

Pedals, Prayers & Perseverance:
Speaking of sharing life stories, I am thrilled to announce the release of an amazing book by my client, David E. Herlt, of Pawleys Island, SC. A fan of organized, long distance bicycle rides all over the world, Mr. Herlt turned his journal notes about these excursions into a fascinating, poignant book entitled Pedals, Prayers & Perseverance.

I could never have imagined that stories about riding bicycles would be so intriguing, but Dave's book encompasses tales of the sport, the joys and sorrows of participating in these events, and the mix of personalities he met along the way. Accompanied by Mary Koster Herlt, they toured the roads from the Iowa cornfields to New York City streets before participating in a coast to coast Cross Canada biking event in 2004. This all took place after Mary had suffered a series of complicated health issues and had miraculously recovered sufficiently enough to begin a walking, biking, and tennis regimen about which she maintained a daily log of statistics. This book can be purchased by contacting the author at 843-237-2119 or by ordering on-line at, where you can search for the book by title or by author name. This is a book that everyone can enjoy, whether or not you are a biking enthusiast!

Until next time, I hope you are capturing the events of your life!!!