Friday, March 11, 2011


Below is a poem I recently wrote when thinking about those who resist writing their stories. Hoping you enjoy it!

It seems I'm always apologizing for the delay in creating blog posts, but there are so many projects in the works, my days fly by in a flash.


I wish I had told my story
Like my children asked me to.
While I could still remember
What they wanted me to do.

They were seeking our family history,
Anything I'd be willing to share.
I always meant to get started on that project,
It wasn't that I didn't care.

I was just busy with so many other tasks,
I had far too much on my mind
To zero in on my memories
For the loved ones I'd leave behind.

I could have told some humorous tales,
Pertinent occurrences, things I had learned, and more.
I'd have clued them in on stories they'd never have known
If I hadn't provided the key to my special memories door.

I really should have explained about
Some interesting events from my past.
To pass along to future generations--
A legacy that would last.

But it's too late for me now.
My eyes are closed--there's nothing more I can do.
Except to tell others--don't take your stories to the grave!
Leave behind a remembrance of you.

I wish I had some exciting news about Never Say Perfect, but this is the update. I queried one agent in November, 2010, finally received a negative response in January, and sent three additional query letters. One very friendly, upbeat agent responded that they didn't represent Christian fiction, although their listing in the Christian Writers' Market Guide indicated that they did. Of course, that could have changed since the time of printing. Everything is always subject to change. The two additional agents acknowledged receipt of the queries, but I've not heard a word since that time.

Yesterday, I queried yet another agent, and am certainly hopeful regarding this recent submission. In my prior post, I hope that I didn't sound as though I am agent-bashing. It is not my intention to come across as negative about agents. I do believe that their services are a lifeline to authors--particularly to fiction writers--as a bridge to the publishers. The other truth is that they are bombarded by submissions, and it is necessary for them to weed through a tremendous amount of material. I'm not sure if agents are actually able to read for pleasure during their off hours, as they spend so much time reading every day in their chosen profession.

Some people say, "Go ahead and just self-publish Never Say Perfect as you did with Eyelash. We can't wait to read it!" Trust me when I tell you that I can't wait to get it out there, but I'm hoping for that validation which comes with having a publisher say, "I really like this book. We're willing to take a chance and produce it for you." If that isn't meant to happen, then I definitely would go the self-publishing route once again in order for the folks, who have been patiently waiting for this book, to be able to read about the latest saga in the life of Laina Strickland. Continue to stay tuned. I'm not giving up on agents just yet!!!

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Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4
It's interesting to note that when you are walking life's path with Him, some of the desires of your heart have a way of becoming very different from what you originally thought they would be........

Until next time, and I surely hope it won't be such a long stretch of time until I post again. I do have some exciting topics to cover soon.

Mary Anne


  1. I'd like to read your poem at next week's memoir class. I teach memoir classes based on Deut 4:9 which tells us to always remember what we've seen God do for us and be sure to tell our children and grandchildren. One item on our agenda next week is brainstorming ideas that will motivate us to find time and motivation to keep writing. Your poem is perfect for that! Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Mary Anne, Always love to read your posts and especially enjoyed your poem. How true, that we put off so many things until it is too late. We are never promised a "tomorrow" so it's best to do the important things each day.

    Will be praying that you receive validation with NEVER SAY PERFECT.... but either way know that you have readers willing & waiting! God's Peace, my friend.... Donna

  3. Donna & Linda,

    Thank you for your comments. They are greatly appreciated, and Linda--yes, by all means, feel free to share the poem. It's all about encouraging others to take action!!
    Mary Anne