Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and Moms

A FABULOUS THANKSGIVING...in spite of a cold!

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving, although on Thanksgiving eve, I was stricken with a horrible cold. The timing could not have been worse. Mom was here from North Carolina, and John & Amy & family were in town as well. I'm not sure if the meal that I prepared was good or not because I really couldn't taste anything. I felt like I was having an out of body experience that day--I think I was semi-delirious. Everyone said that dinner was good, and I hope that they weren't just being kind.
Mom's birthday was the day she arrived here, and I was telling her that my dear friend, Dee Dee, says that when it's her birthday, she celebrates her "birthday week"--not just the day of her birth. So I told Mom that we were going to do the same--celebrate her birthday week, and we had a great time. She went to church (Beach Church) with us on Sunday, and I wasn't absolutely certain how a long term traditional Southern Baptist would enjoy our contemporary service. She said that she thought it was great, and also very much enjoyed the sermon. Whew! I was glad to hear that. Then we went to breakfast at the Prince Creek Diner, and we all liked our choices there.
On Monday, we went to Mom's favorite store, Hamrick's, and did some shopping. Then we were off to lunch at Damon's on Ocean Blvd. It was so pleasant sitting there with my Mom, just chatting and visiting and eating a leisurely lunch while we looked out at the beautiful ocean view, observing the various groups of birds soaring along the water in single file--headed to southern destinations for the winter.
Tuesday evening, we headed to the Alabama Theatre to see the Christmas show, and Mom thoroughly enjoyed that outing, as did we. She loved Ricky, the comedian, and thought that the show was really well performed. She especially loved the traditional Christmas hymns, which were saved for the last segment of the show. She could see that we have many talented musicians and performers in the Myrtle Beach area!
Wednesday was spent preparing for Thursday, but I was already feeling horrible. We were supposed to go out to dinner with John and family Wednesday night, but I just couldn't do it. All I seemed to be able to do was sleep after the preparations made on Wednesday. Thursday was a blur, but I surely did enjoy seeing everyone. Fred was a huge help on the cleanup, wanting to give the rest of us a chance to visit while we could. I'm sure that they didn't find me to be very lively, however!!
I drove Mom back to NC on Black Friday, and traffic was very light--surprisingly, even around Charlotte. That was a treat. I returned to SC on Saturday, and again, traffic was extremely light, for which I was very grateful. I know for sure that our Heavenly Father was with me on that trip because I felt so horrible and the entire trip both ways is a blur. From the time I returned on Saturday and straight through Sunday, all I did was rest and sleep. Sometimes that's all you CAN do. But I'm so glad that Mom had a good birthday week because we certainly enjoyed having her here. These are special memories to treasure always!
Hoping your Thanksgiving was fabulous! We are very blessed.

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