Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roughing it at the Broadmoor

Pike's Peak-14,100 foot
elevation-Mary not
smiling-turning green

Outdoor pool at the

The Broadmoor:

Last week, we had the privilege of spending a few days at the fabulous Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. I can't begin to describe the beauty, relaxation, and accommodation that this location provides. From the yummy dining, the fabulous spa, the picturesque outdoor lakeside pool, charming paddleboats, hidden flower and sculpture gardens, the blue Colorado sky with the cottony white puffy clouds, and charming boutiques to the meticulously manicured 54 holes of golf, this place is amazing. The staff members were incredibly helpful and friendly. Rumor has it that one of the three golf courses is far more challenging than the others, but I won't reveal which one is the toughest. A visit to the spa is a MUST, where one will find all tension eliminated by the experts in facials and massage. It features a special relaxation room, where one can lean back in a comfortable, cushiony lounge, sip lemon flavored water and nibble on fruit, and read a book or magazine while occasionally gazing out a gigantic picture window that exposes a background of spectacular blue sky and mountain scenery. A visit to this spa isn't complete without a brief stop in one of the restrooms--even if you don't really have the urge to go. The restrooms were the talk of the dinner table, as the ladies were astounded at the unique experience of sitting on a heated toilet seat at the spa. That wasn't all, however. The bidet has nothing on these toilets. They were fitted with some type of contraption with a control panel on the righthand wall where one could choose a front light spray, front heavy spray, rear light spray, rear heavy spray, and the best----a dryer. I must say that I have never seen anything like this in my entire life--the toilet seat of all toilet seats. I could have stayed in there for half an hour just to experiment with the various sprays and dryer. I pushed every button just to see what it would happen next!
Then we took the cog railway to the top of Pike's Peak. The Broadmoor is at an elevation just above 6,000 feet and Pike's Peak boasts an elevation of approximately 14,100 feet. Let me assure you that at that height, it definitely impacts your body. I felt light headed, queasy, woozy, and almost disoriented; however, it is something that everyone in good health should experience once. I've been there twice, so I've exceeded the requisite one visit. Next time, I think I'll try out the golf course or the heated toilet seat instead. You will notice in the photo that I am not smiling, and yes, that is snow on which I'm reluctantly standing. I was turning green at the time, and stayed outside just long enough for the photos.
I highly recommend the Broadmoor, however, for a well deserved getaway!
I can honestly say that I have continued with my goal to exercise every day, if possible, even during our travels. I have been able to take long walks or find some form of exercise almost every day. Last night, realizing that I hadn't managed to walk outdoors all day, I retrieved my mini-trampoline out of the closet and jogged while I watched the season premier of Dancing with the Stars. I'll be doing the same thing in just a few minutes. When all else fails, the mini-trampoline is a life saver. My goal is to make exercise as vital to my schedule as is eating!
Memoir Writing:
I feel sorry for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be seated next to me on a long flight. Not only will they find out that I advocate passing along our stories to future generations, but before I'm finished with them, they'll be embarrassed if they don't agree that they need to capture the stories of living relatives before it's too late. I met some wonderful folks during this recent trip to Colorado Springs, and I hope that they will forgive my enthusiasm for memoir writing. I can't restrain myself from discussing this passion. Pretty soon, my photo will be posted in airports with a caption "Sit by this lady at your own risk!"
See you soon....

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