Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in Murrells Inlet

I realize that the object of a blog is to try to write an update at least a couple of times each week, but we've been away for ten days and I was unable to place my blog writer's hat on top of my head during that time. I did spend several hours working diligently on my second novel, and a great deal of our flight time was utilized for this purpose. There seems to be something about being confined in a plane with very few distractions that enables me to experience a flow of the creative juices. Perhaps it's the altitude or maybe the inability to use a cell phone during flight. We had an extensive layover in Charlotte, and my little fingers were flying like crazy on the keyboard of my laptop during that time as well. Fortunately, I'm equally creative sitting on the beach, so I don't have to book worldwide travel in order to enjoy progress on this project!

We loved visiting with everyone in New York, where we truly have an amazing group of family and lifelong friends. We enjoyed visiting Grace Fellowship Church in Latham--always a blessing. Special prayers go out for Shawn and Karen regarding their health issues.

I'm speaking at a luncheon tomorrow for a group of ladies on Pawleys Island about writing our stories to pass along to future generations--something I really love to do. I want everyone to understand that you don't have to be a celebrity to write stories about your life that are interesting to someone. Perhaps the general public might not be particularly interested in your story, but most everyone has nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, or cousins who would enjoy knowing more about you, your life experiences, and some special words of wisdom that you would like to share. You don't have to tell EVERYTHING. You pick and choose what would be beneficial for others to learn about you. Perhaps you have traveled to some fascinating places--destinations that many of your relatives will never see. Write about those unique events. Even if you had a miserable childhood and don't care to re-visit it, you could write about the positive experiences of your lifetime. I try to influence every individual that they have something worthy to impart to others. What would you like for future generations to know about you?

I promise to be far more blog faithful in the months ahead!!

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