Monday, July 29, 2013

A Visit with Jayna Morrow and Garrett

Sometimes we need the blessing of becoming engrossed in a story that entertains and inspires. Jayna Morrow offers a sweet Texas love story to brighten the spirits of her readers and presents a positive outlook in seeking God’s plan.

Reading Garrett reinforced to me the importance of not trying to tackle life’s battles (which will invariably arise) on our own. It reminded me about the benefits of taking a moment to “check in” with the Lord before dealing with particularly precarious issues, and even better, to approach Him through prayer as a couple.

Morrow’s leading lady, Micara, sets a great example of seeking God’s help through prayer, but also in learning not just to pray for the desired outcome, but for God to put His plan in place and our experiencing peaceful adjustment to it.

This book inspired me on a personal level to ask for God’s guidance as my husband and I pulled into a parking space at the hospital where we would be visiting my mother-in-law to break the news to her that her condition was going to drastically change life as she had known it. We anticipated a natural negative reaction. Frankly, we were expecting the worst. Having just read Garrett, I felt a spiritual nudge to take my husband’s hand and say, “Let’s pray about this before we go in.” He eagerly agreed, and holding hands, we prayed for God to give us the right words to explain and comfort her, and our prayers were miraculously answered.

Inspirational fiction such as Garrett not only takes us on an entertaining excursion, but also gives us those little mini-pushes that help us grow in the Lord. This tale of life challenges in the small Texas town of Sweet Home will make you smile as you travel miles toward realizing or recalling that there really is a Plan. And you will enjoy the journey!

In the words of author, Jayna Morrow, she tells us what makes her book special:

Garrett features a very unique and flamboyant marriage proposal. I’ve received lots of comments on it, and readers seem to be enjoying the sweet happily-ever-after ending.”

What message did she hope to convey?

It is my prayer that readers who struggle with finding true purpose for their life will walk away with something extra special after reading this novel. Writing it was therapy for me, as this is something I struggle with, too. I learned a lot about trusting God and having faith in His plan during the process of writing Garrett.”

Book Description:

What happens when you're living the dream and things suddenly change? Micara Lee's charming existence starts slipping away as land developers threaten the town she loves.

What happens when your dream doesn't align with God's plan for your life? Garrett Hearth finds out when an injury ends his athletic career. Disenchantment and wavering faith keep him from the life he desires. Micara's beautiful spirit touches Garrett's heart... but can she help restore his faith and convince him to live the life God has planned for him?

Their happiness and the legacy of Sweet Home, Texas hang in the balance.

About Jayna Morrow:
Jayna Morrow is newly published with Prism Book Group. Her first book, GARRETT, launched the Sweet Home series, with four more installments in the works. She is a member of ETWA (East Texas Writers Association) in Longview and enjoys giving workshops for writers. Jayna is currently employed by Marshall ISD as a 4th grade reading teacher.

Visit with Jayna at  and on Facebook and Twitter.

Garrett is available in print and e-book formats, and be sure to watch for future books in the series:  
Gabriel-Coming soon…   Holden-Coming soon…

A big thank you to Jayna Morrow for stopping by today and for sharing a story of encouragement for her readers!


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God bless,
Mary Anne

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