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T. Allen Winn's Dark Thirty

We are introducing T. Allen Winn and Dark Thirty today, and this author is truly an interesting  and personable character in real life.

Winn's novel Dark Thirty exposes the torment that teenagers and younger children can experience at the whim of bullies.

After reading this book, I have come to the realization that there are three categories of students: bullies, bullied and the remainder and majority being apathetic and too self-absorbed to care about or take action against injustice.

No youngster should have to attend school in fear of pain and/or humiliation, and Dark Thirty’s protagonist, Dale, is anticipating both as he counts down to the first day in a new school after relocating with his parents to Charlotte. He has been the object of cruel bullying before and fully expects to receive the same treatment at his new school.

Following their move, before the boxes are even unpacked, Dale’s family infrastructure begins to rapidly crumble before his eyes, and he must face his paralyzing fear of darkness. Amazingly, he meets a friend and neighbor, Debra, who seems to be able to relate to his fears. They both discover that bullying has progressed to a dangerous level in their community.

Dark Thirty will raise your awareness about this prevalent and disturbing issue. Are your children or grandchildren the bullies, the bullied or the apathetic? You won’t rest until you read the last page of this novel that deserves tremendous credit for successfully tackling this troubling and very real issue.

In the words of T. Allen Winn:

“Sixteen year old Dale Thomas Jackson wasn’t sure when the bullying had started, but what he did know is that it had never stopped. New town and a new school year assured only one thing--he’d have to break in a new batch of tormentors. Even he survived the bully by day, Dark Thirty waited for him at night. If darkness wins the tug of war, all will be lost. Dale faces this fear every day of his life and until now he has faced it alone.

Dale’s family moves to Charlotte, and a series of family tragedies leave him alone to fend for himself. He meets and befriends Ted Parker and Debra Floyd, and together they are pitted against a gang of ruthless bullies lead by Jake and the worst of the worst, Mack.

An anti-bullying movement is emerging, formed by Everett, possibly even darker and more sinister, posing a more ominous threat. Dale fears the dark and that adds yet another twist to the plot. One thing about bullying, you can’t pretty it up, so be prepared for the graphic side of what kids endure.

While fictitious, the thriller exposes the darker side of growing up and the vicious threats children must cope with to survive another day. Bullying is a serious issue and is no longer something as simple as name calling, a bloody nose or black eye delivered by a bully. Death has entered the scenario, and too often that punishment is delivered by the bullied taking their own lives.

Lesson: Know your children, talk to them and recognize the signs, bully or bullied. It may just save a life.”

About the author:

Tom lives with his wife in Pawleys Island and has a logjam of novels waiting their turn to see the light of day. He has also compiled over one hundred short stories. Follow T. Allen on Facebook, his blog at, and at,where he is a contributor of book reviews. Contact Tom at His books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, most any place books are sold on line, (just type in T. Allen Winn), locally at Harbor Walk books store in Georgetown, S.C., at Upton Girls in Abbeville, S.C. or by contacting Tom and requesting copies.

T. Allen Winn's Publishing Journey:  

Tom didn’t go the usual publishing route. A publisher, Bob O’Brien, instead showed up at his front door looking for the previous owner of the home Tom now occupies, wishing only to share his first published book with that person because they had shown an interest in writing a book. He realized that Tom is not the person he had expected to meet. At the time, Tom had ten completed manuscripts. The signs were too strong to ignore and his first novel, Road Rage, saw the light of day three months later, publishing it via O’Brien’s Prose Press. A friendship blossomed from that chance encounter. Dark Thirty followed five months later. Two new books, The Caregiver’s Son and Outside the Window Looking In, Tom’s memoir and the follow up novel to Road Rage, have now made their way into the publishing world.

     Tom says he is probably his own worst enemy, not sticking to a particular genre. "I write what I enjoy writing," he explained.

     He has completed a variety of other novels, all waiting their turns: a trilogy devoted to Bigfoot, a haunted house mystery, The Perfect Spook House, a golfing mystery, No Mulligan, an end of the world as we know it epic adventure, The Lord’s Last Acres, the thriller, Outside the Clique, a gnome adventure, The Tenth Elemental, a sea monster thriller, Last Stand on the Grand Strand, a love story in the works, The Longest Hello, a series of short stories titled Buttermilk and Cornbread with Spring Onions (Good Ole Southern Nostalgic Nonsense), another series of short stories, Bully on Board (stories about bullying) and the sequel to Dark Thirty with Mack picking up where he left off. Tithe and Offerings with be the third in the series following North of the Border and Road Rage. Many more are in various stages of completion.

"My brain is forever spinning tales, awake or asleep and anywhere in between," says T. Allen Winn. And his readers are delighted.

Thank you so much to T. Allen Winn for visiting with us today. We'll be seeing you all soon from the world of memoirs, writing and publishing!

Mary Anne

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