Thursday, July 2, 2009

Connecting with Dear Friends

This has been a banner week for connecting with "old" friends. Don't you just love those friends who are a part of your history and although you don't see or hear from them for months or even years, when you finally have the opportunity to chat or visit, the time since your last connection is non-existent? It seems as though you just talked yesterday because you seem to pick up exactly where you left off.

If you have friendships that I just described, you are so blessed. Take a moment to call one of those special connections, and you will be uplifted by a sense of closeness that is punctuated by the unique space of your heart that is occupied by that individual.

This week, I heard from my friend, Janie. We've been friends since childhood, and although she lives in California, we touch base periodically. We'll always feel linked regardless of the miles of separation and the peaks and valleys of life that we have shared via letters, telephone calls, and e-mails. She probably doesn't know that she had a nickname in high school. She was referred to as "Hollywood" because her father was a cameraman for a movie studio and worked with many celebrities including Barbara Streisand. He was such a kind, down-to-earth guy--even though he was well acquainted with many famous people. Anyway, I'll see Janie at our 40th (you must be kidding!) class reunion in October. Our California high school class will be holding this milestone remembrance in Las Vegas, which is always interesting in itself. I hope that lots of the folks from our class will be able to attend, as it's wonderful to be able to catch up.

The other person that I heard from this week from the past was Tony, the funniest guy you'd ever want to know. We've been friends for many years, having become acquainted when Fred and I were big Siena College Basketball fans back in the days when Mike Deane was the incredible coach. Attending the games was something that we thoroughly enjoyed as a winter activity because those winters are cold and long in the Albany, NY area! It turned out, however, that becoming involved in cheering for the Siena team evolved into a cherished social activity that forged some wonderful friendships. Tony was a vital part of that scene in an era that we will never forget! The very best to you, Tony, in your retirement!!

And speaking of friend connections, I'm on my way to Cape May, NJ to meet a fabulous group of girlfriends for a few days of hilarity that we've been sharing for a week in July for almost twenty years. I'm not kidding. The eight of us never stop laughing the whole time we are there, and it's one of the most therapeutic events in my life every year. It's like a week long pajama party with bathing suits. I highly recommend this for other ladies--get a group of friends who are comical, considerate, caring and conversational and plan even a long weekend together. You'll never regret it!! Looking forward to seeing you Cape May Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who are working on their lifewriting projects, think back to your most favorite vacation and write about the details of that trip. Include a good, solid description of the location, surroundings, accommodations, activities, travel involved, and what made it so special. Make your readers feel as though they were right there--seeing everything you saw, participating in everything you did (okay, maybe not EVERYTHING!), eating the types of foods that you ate, describing the local culture, and bringing us along the paths that you walked. If you can locate photos from the visit, use those to refresh your memory of the details. Capture the moments!

Happy 4th of July holiday to everyone!!!!!!!!!! God bless and keep you safe this holiday weekend.

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